HRH Princess Amelia of Hesse

Full Name: Amelia Diane Stephanie

Born: August 12, 1968 (Perth, Austrailia)


His Grand Ducal Highness Prince Fredrich of Hesse (father)

HRH Princess Abigail of Rhine (mother)




1st Husband:

HRH Prince Maximilian of Prussia


November 2, 1988


July  2, 1989


HRH Princess Angelika of Prussia (April 19, 1989 - (via Albert)

2nd Husband:

HRH Prince Louis of Orleans


November 4, 1997


March 5, 1999


May 8, 2000


April 21, 2003


HRH Prince Edgar of Orleans (July 15, 2001 -

3rd Husband:

HRH Prince Adam, Duke of Mayton


September 27, 2013


HRH Prince Robert of Mayton (August 3, 2013 -

Royal Titles:

Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Amelia of Hesse  (August 12, 1968 -  February 10, 1989)

HRH Princess Amelia of Prussia (February 10, 1989 - August 2, 1989)

HH Princess Amelia of Prussia (August 2, 1989 - November 4, 1997)

HRH Princess Amelia of Orleans (November 4, 1997 - April 21, 2003)

HH Princess Amelia of Orleans (April 21, 2003 - September 27, 2013)

HRH Princess Amelia, Duchess of Mayton (September 27, 2013 -

Early LifeEdit

Born in August 12, 1968 in Perth, Australia. She is the only daughter of His Grand Ducal Highness Prince Fredrich of Hesse and Princess Abiligal of Rhine. She was mostly raised in Australia but lived in Egypt between the ages of 7 - 10 because both of her parents were archaeologists. She never enjoyed History because it was dull for her. At fourteen, she was sent to St. Francis Academy in Wentworth, Chandolina because she was getting rebellious.


In 1982, she started to attend St. Francis Academy as a boarder and was a year nine student. On her first day, she meets Tara Donovan in Art Class and became fast friends and still have a friendship to this day. She also meets Prince Michael and Prince Adam of Chandolina and develops a one sided crush on Adam. In February 1985, she learns Tara is pregnant with Michael's baby and stays by her side. In 1986, she graduates and decides to be a model. She and Adam finally went on a date, but it was a disaster. In the summer of 1988, she starts a flirtartious relationships with Prince Max of Prussia who ended his four year relationship with Princess Sarah of Chandolina. The two slept one time and a month later she found out she was pregnant.

First MarriageEdit

She moved back to Australia because she didn't love Max. She didn't want to have the baby because she was starting her modeling career and because she wasn't ready. She wanted to put the baby up for adoption but for unknown reasons she decided to keep the baby. Max didn't know until his ex-girlfriend