HRH Princess Elisabeth

Full Name: Elisabeth Edmundia Maria Julissa

Born: September 2, 1994


HRH Prince Edmund, Duke of Dover (father)

HRH Princess Julissa of Savoy (mother)

Queen Dowager Helena of Chandolina (adoptive mother)


HRH Prince George, Duke of Dover (October 31, 1987 -        (half - brother, paternal)

HRH Prince Christian of The Netherlands (March 9, 1998 -

HRH Prince Henrick of The Netherlands (August 14, 2002 -

HM King Frederick VII of Chandolina (October 2, 1987 -  (adoptive half-brother, maternal)

HRH Prince Philip, The Hereditary Prince of Chandolina (August 9, 1991 -  (adoptive half-brother, maternal)

Julia Harris (January 28, 1989 -  (half-sister, paternal)

Royal Titles:

HRH Princess Elisabeth of Dover (September 2, 1994 -

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