HRH Prince George

Full Name: George Edmund Remy Maria Matthew

Born: October 31, 1987 (Wentworth, Chandolina)


HRH Prince Edmund, Duke of Dover (father, deceased)

HRH Princess Madeline, Duchess of Dover (mother, deceased?)

HM Queen Dowager Helena of Chandolina (adopted mother, deceased)


HRH Princess Elisabeth of Dover (September 2, 1994 -  (half, paternal)

HM King Frederick VII of Chandolina (October 2, 1987 - (adoptive, maternal)

HRH Prince Philip, The Hereditary Prince of Chandolina (August 9, 1991 -   (adoptive, maternal)

Julia Harris (January 28, 1989 -    (half, paternal)

Royal Titles:

HRH Prince George of Dover (October 31, 1987 - November 9, 2008)

HRH Prince George, Duke of Dover (November 9, 2008 - January 8, 2012)

HM King George III of Chandolina (January 8, 2012 -

Early LifeEdit

He was born on October 31, 1987 to Prince Edmund, Duke of Dover and Princess Madeline of Orleans. He was named after his great-great-great grandfather George II. He was born twenty days after the birth his cousin Crown Prince Frederick. The press dubbed him and his three older cousins as "The Royal Four" because they were the oldest grandsons of Alexander II. Two weeks, after his birth his mother died in Paris due to a bomb in the limo she was riding. He was ignored by his father and for the first three years in his life, he was raised by his Uncle Stephen and Aunt Helena who was willinging to adopt him. When Edmund, learned about this he took George and for years he was raised by nannies who mostly left him alone and slept with his father. At six years old, his father remarried to Princess Julissa of Savoy and the following year his half-sister Elisabeth was born. In 1994, they moved to the Upper East Side, where he attented Saint David's School. One day, in Central Park he met Zoey Johnton by protecting her from bullies. The two became best friends and still have a strong bond to this day. When he was eight, his father and stepmother got divorced and he was sent to various boarding schools until he was sixteen.

Drug AddictEdit

When he was fifteen, he began using marijuana and cocaine. He stopped stopping marijuana but continued to use cocaine until March 2004 when he OD and was sent to an American rehab for five months